Gryphon Tarot: The Lovers
"The Lovers", is card VI of the Major arcana. Coming right after The Emperor, it is the complete opposite of what this card is about. Simply put, it is about life decisions, and being in love with what you do, another person and life itself. It can also represent a choice in the road ahead, whether career wise, or relationship wise. Most common images show a man having to choose between two woman, or a path splitting with one tree bearing flowers and the other fruit. I chose this design as the yin-yang is about balance, one can not exist without the other. The white gryphon is female. The black gryphon is the male with the linked paws in the middle symbolizing their bond to each other.
7x10" Watercolors and gouache

Image is Kristen Buckner 2010

8x10 Print
11x14 Print
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The Lovers